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“The Wellness Revelation” Facilitation

I am your trained facilitator for “The Wellness Revelation.”  With a trained facilitator, you have the opportunity to take this 8-week journey to the deepest level of pursuit of freedom.  Praise the Lord that Tyndale Publishers took the original “Weigh Less to Feed More” program, edited it, and published this beautifully done book.

What you get with a trained facilitator (beyond what the book offers):

Accountability and prayer support

Private virtual group community with me

Additional weekly video teachings with the author, Alisa Keeton

Weekly meetings for small group discussion, growth, and accountability OR

Personalized weekly session for discussion, growth, and accountability if you choose to hire me for 1:1 coaching

Continued support upon completion in a virtual group for those who have completed the journey with me.

What is “The Wellness Revelation”?

“Weight loss can be a very self-focused endeavor. Perhaps you have struggled with your weight your entire life, never feeling at peace in your body, riding a roller coaster of emotions as you watch numbers on a scale go up and down. Maybe you’ve been keenly aware throughout your life of both obsessing over your body and neglecting it. Friend, do you have a hard time loving the skin you are in? Does loving God and others often feel like more of a chore than a joy?

The Wellness Revelation will challenge you to get fit by seeking God first and foremost. God wants to free you from what weighs you down and keeps you from your marvelous purpose. In these pages, you will learn how to live well both physically and spiritually so that you are best equipped to love and serve others from a whole heart. The Wellness Revelation will change the way you love God, yourself and others.

Each week in this eight-week journey includes a teaching, weekly fitness training assignments, Bible study, 8-week workout calendar with video workouts, small-group questions, suggested food list, and more. Each will encourage you to love God, get healthy, and serve others and will provide you with the tools to spread the gospel with courage, confidence, kindness, and freedom.” — From Revelation Wellness Book Site

Why Hire Me? Why not just read the book?

You do have the option to purchase the book and read it on your own.  You do have the option to purchase the book and read it with a friend or group of friends.  My hope is that you do!

Hiring me to facilitate your small group or by joining one of my small groups, you receive all that is mentioned above and more.  The more is without description.  The Holy Spirit guides these discussions. For you to encounter the heart of the Father and His love is my greatest desire.  The more will look different for each person and each group.  God only knows, but HE knows.  I trust HIM.

How much will this cost?

  1. Purchase the book from the retailer of your choice.  It can be found on Amazon, in Barnes & Noble, and at Lifeway. Full Retail cost is $16.99.
  2. Join a small group for as little as $16 a week.  Small groups will meet for 9 weeks to include an introductory week.  $149 total payable by Paypal or through an advertised Eventbrite link.
  3. Hire me for one-on-one coaching through this journey.  9 weekly calls via Zoom, Facetime, or phone. Unlimited e-mail support. $269

Have more questions? Ready to get started?  Contact me today!


Please use “The Wellness Revelation” Facilitation in your Subject.  I look forward to working with you.

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