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Born For A Battle – Hopefest Phoenix


It only seemed appropriate to launch my website with this blog post: Born for a Battle – Hopefest Phoenix.  I was born for a battle.  Hello, My name is Michelle Brumgard.  I am a FREEDOM FIGHTER!  It is my greatest get-to to be joining my Revelation Wellness® family on mission to use fitness as a tooI to share God’s love at this year’s HopeFest Phoenix. This is a day of blessing to the city’s homeless and working poor.  You, too, can join this battle by making a donation. Each person who joins the mission receives this “Born For A Battle, Love Wins” yummy cotton t-shit.  Here’s the link!

As a freedom fighter, I fight against the lies of the enemy that come to steal, kill and destroy:

Your beauty.

Your original design.

Your self-esteem.

Your self-worth.

Your food and sugar addictions.

Your mental health.

Your friendships.

Your marriage!

Through intercessory prayer, I fight for you friend!  In the days and weeks ahead, I pray for courage to share my story. How I have discovered:

I am beautiful.

I am created on PURPOSE.

I can like myself.

I am worthy!

I am no longer defined by what I eat or don’t eat. Food is fuel.  No longer comfort.

My mind is sound and clear and PROTECTED!

Friendships are hard work but worth it!

My husband is my rock but NOT my Savior.

LOVE WINS!  The greatest lover of all overcomes EVERYTHING!


What battle are YOU born for?