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Children in the Yard

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Picture in your mind’s eye with me as I share what I “see” and describe what I feel.

A large rectangular yard of green plush grass. A bright blue sky. Children are playing in the yard. The Son is shining upon them. Hear their laughter. See their smiles. Watch them playing in FREEDOM and with no cares of The World. Feel the delight of a parent looking upon them with a deep JOY and LOVE.

Now, see that same yard. The sky turns gray and begins to get dark like a storm is rolling in. See the children. Now, stopped in their tracks. Fear and shock. Guilt and shame. Eyes wide open. They see something. Maybe they’ve done something. Those that are siblings are quickly deciphered, younger and older. The younger go numb. The older get a resolve in their eyes. They will be strong. They will stand firm. Protect. Endure. In a moment, a brick wall appears built high around the perimeter of the yard. No one will get in. No one will know. They are protected. Feel the grief of a loving parent, who cares DEEPLY, looking upon these children. Feel the sorrow as this parent knows the things they have seen, heard, done, and/or endured. 

My friends, God loves DEEPLY. I feel His delight. I feel His grief. He sees us ALL as His children, a bunch of kids playing in the yard of earth. I hear Him saying to encourage you to sit with these two scenarios. Are we playing in the dark or the light? He knows what has happened. He knows your fears. Nothing is too much to bring to this Father, our Heavenly Father. Your Creator. Maybe your earthly father was far from loving or delightful, so this is impossible to imagine. For that, I am so sorry! I pray you’ll press in and FEEL Truth flood your broken heart. God, THE Father, LOVES YOU!

We may be an adult, but whatever happened that stormy day for you, it’s still there…influencing your life. For some, you may have built that wall so strong that you don’t even recall the day.

Trauma: a deeply distressing or emotional experience. NO ONE gets to decide for another if they experienced trauma. We may help acknowledge it, but it’s a personal experience. Small or large, trauma is rampant in our pasts and present day. 

Sons, Daughters, I implore you to breathe deep and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal traumatic experiences in your life. Feel and see. Bring it to the light. What is revealed can be healed. It might not be easy but it WILL be with it! You want to know how I know?

Revisit the yard where the Son is shining and the children are playing. Jesus Christ, The Father sent in flesh to earth to live a flawless life, put to death to overcome the dark through His resurrection has already OVERCOME. By the blood of Christ, you can be set free and be free indeed! 

Do you believe? Will you sit and feel? Let the wall down? Invite Christ’s blood to come and heal? Ask for help? Talk to a friend or loved one? This is one place where the green grass is most definitely greener on the other side.

Believing Big,


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