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Food No Longer Holds Me Captive. I am Free!

Shameless About Healing

File Apr 26, 11 52 13 PMOn that night, when I desperately wanted to give into the comfort of ice cream, God showed up! Food no longer holds me captive!  I am free!  I am no longer defined by what I eat or don’t eat. Food is fuel.  No longer comfort. Now, as I write this, I am just completing my fifth month of fasting from the list of foods.  Obedience is still sometimes hard.  But God, He has developed in me, self-control, a fruit of the Spirit.  Will my flesh fail? Most definitely. But God, I rejoice in the victory!  I rejoice in the healing of my heart that continue today.  I rejoice in the healing of my gut health, my hormonal health, and liver health that continues today.  The physical healing is really just beginning in the last month.  I have no doubt, it is because I had healing of my mind and Spirit to address first.

Easter festivities came and went without a desire.  Foods looked delicious.  I saw some favorites that I don’t know when I will see again, made by family.  “Cheats” cross my mind, but its not cheating at this point.  It is simply a discussion with the Holy Spirit within me, “Do I partake? Am I ready?  Will I be okay?”  In one case, I did partake.  No guilt.  No shame.  No condemnation.  In that case, it was corn and potatoes – not even sweets!  Maybe a stall in some gut healing, but God, I’m okay.  HE is healing me.  He is good!  Food no longer holds me captive.  I am free!

Where I once thought I had freedom and true acceptance in who God calls me to be, I now embrace it in a much more intimate way.  I praise God, my Father; Jesus Christ, my friend; and the Holy Spirit, who resides within this temple I pledge to honor and respect.  I am now ready to step into this next season: a season of deeper Trust.