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Healing in Mind, Body, and Spirit through Discipline

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Healing in mind, body, and Spirit through discipline followed the calling to obedience.  December was a month of obedience.  The obedience continues today and still can be hard.  In January, through events in family life, I had a night, I pray I never forget.  I was getting comfortable in my new way of eating.  It wasn’t easy, but for the first time in my life, it wasn’t about the food.  This fast, NOT A DIET, is and continues to be about healing.  Healing of my mind, body, and Spirit was happening.  After one month, I was able to add in quinoa, followed by sweet potatoes, berries, and grapefruit respectively through the second month.

But on the night of a quite stressful day, I was dipping ice cream for my children’s snack.  Anyone who knows me, knows ice cream is a crutch that goes generations deep in my family.  In pride, I’ve heard and adopted the saying at one time, “I don’t smoke, or drink but boy can I eat,” in relation to handling stress.  (Yes, I’ve gotten drunk for those that know me and my past.  I’m not denying that or ashamed of it.) My point is that, on that night of an emotional day, I desperately wanted to eat the ice cream.  I thought about having a spoonful, then got honest and knew that would lead to a bowlful, and eventually just eating out of the container.  These thoughts ran through my mind as I dipped my kids a treat.  So, so, so CLEARLY, as if I felt God, my Father pull me back, I heard Him speak in the innermost part of my mind, “NO! I AM your comfort. I AM your refuge. Come to ME!”

I later cried and rejoiced in how good my heavenly Father is to me.  Like setting down a marker, dropping a mic, BREAKTHROUGH was evident!

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