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Obedience Precedes Discipline

File Apr 26, 11 36 03 PMObedience is hard but holy.  Obedience precedes discipline, I know now.  After my Revelation Wellness® training, I became convicted about my food addiction and sugar addiction AGAIN.  In praying about the year that lied ahead in 2016,  God gave me the word discipline for the next season of my life.  Discipline in relation to being obedient to Him to grow more mature and into Christ-likeness. Ouch.  I surrendered.  I reached out to a Revelation Wellness Instructor, who happened to be a lot like me, but also a Chiropractic Doctor and more knowledgeable in gut health, Dr. Jana Joshu Grimm.  From previous struggles with fertility/hormones, liver health, and a horrible month of sickness the prior January, I knew I needed guidance with supplementation and healing.  I knew food was holding me captive and I needed guidance from someone who would intercede on my behalf for healing.  Food was the idol I HAD to lay down.  Food was my god.  It was time for a season of greater intimacy with my Father.  It began with a perspective shift…a FAST.

I had heard of fasting before and had studied about it during training.  A few times before in my life, I had fasted.  But this time was and is different.  Yes, I had motives of getting healthier.  BUT God, He knew my deeper motive.  My ultimate motive in this season is to more fully know God, my Father, my Healer, my Deliverer.  If that meant fasting or abstaining from various foods, I was ready.  It was in the prime of holiday gatherings and two weeks before Christmas, I would be surrounded by goodness, sweets, and abundance of “special” foods.  My husband thought I was crazy and should wait until after Christmas to start.  I had already had the discussion with God, and He clearly made known my disobedience, which was the day I recorded the video I shared last time.  For me, there would NEVER be an “easy” time to say yes.  So, December 12, 2015, I began supplementation for my thyroid, adrenals, and gut health. I no longer ate any grains, bread, pasta, dairy, potatoes, beets, peanuts, pistachios, mushrooms, fruit, sugar of ANY sort, or packaged/processed foods. My focus shifted to God first, and then to the foods I could eat: clean meats, beans, nuts, and non-starchy vegetables.

Through the holiday events, I would be lying to say that I wasn’t tempted by cookies, pies, and “special” holiday meals. Dr. Jana shared with me a revelation God had given her during a fast, that was truly a gift from God.  Surrender daily.  Surrender by the hour or minute if necessary.  Pray to God, “Bind my flesh.”  Sitting at a table with a desserts spread Christmas day, I did get tempted.  In my soul, I pleaded, “God, bind my flesh. Fill my desire for temporary fulfillment.  I want YOUR complete healing Lord.”  Sometimes, it was simply, “Bind my flesh.”  Each and every time, the temptation fled and most times, revelation followed the temptation.  This was my month of growing in obedience.  Becoming disciplined was to come next . . .

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4 thoughts on “Obedience Precedes Discipline”

  1. Growing up in the Catholic Church we often had days of fasting. My mom did it often even outside of the Lenten season. She wouldn’t eat meat on Fridays year round too. I do remember her telling me to focus on the sacrifices of Christ when those hunger pangs hit too.

    1. Yes, I had experience with fasting. This is the first time that I keep encounter God in such an intimate way. For once, I “get” what it really is about – not me.

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