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Revelation Wellness® Instructor Training Equips, Convicts, and HEALS

File Apr 26, 11 13 36 PMRevelation Wellness® Instructor training equips, convicts, and heals those who go through the program.  This is my experience.  This Integrative Nutrition Health Coach knew God must come first.  I knew I wanted a Biblical wellness program to share with my clients to help put God first.  Weigh Less to Feed More® (WL2FM) was a perfect fit for what I was looking to share.  Why recreate or take the time to write something already available?  This girl, who knew exercise was something she believed in but didn’t do, signed up to become an instructor.  You can read a little bit about my journey in faith, food, and fitness up to this point here.

Through the nine weeks of online instructor training calls, homework, AND my coaching clients, conviction began to set in. I was passionate about helping women eat whole foods, find freedom in who God created them to be, move their bodies, and break free from lies that held them captive.  At the time, I encouraged monthly weights and measurements for accountability, motivation, and general check in results.  The conviction that set in was how I was taking advantage of my new found freedom in who God created me to be – pressing into my food addiction.  I had a food addiction.  Yes, sugar addiction was my main vice but I gotta be real and say all food.  If I tried to give up sugary foods, I would find comfort in something salty or fruits, or whatever was on hand.  Food choices held me captive. Food shame held me captive.  I justified my “cheats” with our overall healthy eating and acceptance in that God created me.  Come October, the month prior to my week long intensive training retreat, I felt convicted to give up all sugar.  I failed in day two.  Yes, I know the first big victory over sugar addiction lies in getting to day four.  I didn’t care. Too much was going on in my life, I couldn’t be obedient to the call.

Retreat came in November, I swore to “eat clean” for the week there.  I ate the dessert and LOVED it.  No guilt.  Retreat is and was a mountaintop experience spiritually.  It was where we were asked to sit with the Lord prior to arriving and set our one main expectation.  Then, answer how we would be if that expectation was NOT met.  I felt good going into retreat.  However, I felt there was something.  Something I couldn’t put my finger on.  Something holding me back from fully embracing healing of my heart.  So, I simply prayed for that something to be revealed and if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t know any different.  God showed up! (That’s for another day.)  The point here is I ate.  The food was plenty and delicious.

I came home and CRASHED!  One full week of solitude, sleep, and introspection was needed to recuperate.  The convictions about food AND fitness now came again.  Who am I to coach clients to give up sugar? To listen to the Holy Spirit in how they should eat?  I was disobedient.  I swore off the lie of unbelief on that mountaintop experience.  Unbelief IS disobedience. OUCH!  I surrender……..December 6, 2015 I enter a season of discipline.  Discipline as a Child of God.  Discipline offered by a loving Father, who I just fully began to embrace from revelation at retreat.

4 thoughts on “Revelation Wellness® Instructor Training Equips, Convicts, and HEALS”

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  3. Hi Michelle,
    I am a Christian mom who is interested in fitness and nutrition, God’s way! I am an Occupational Therapist
    so I have a good understanding of anatomy and am interested in the Revelation Wellness training. I was
    wondering if I could take one of your fitness classes and/or talk with you about the training.

    Thank you for your time!

  4. Hi Michelle,
    I am a Christian mom and am also interested in fitness and nutrition. I am considering becoming a Revelation Wellness trainer and was wondering if I could attend one of your classes and/or talk with you more about your experience with it.

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