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The Pace of Peace Community

The Pace of Peace community is a community of Christ followers desiring to be calm and ready for whatever God does next in their lives: Mind, Body, & Soul.

We meet virtually in a private Facebook group. You will receive from me, your Revelation Wellness instructor and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, encouragement, resources, teaching, and community accountability. It’s really all about abiding in God in your everyday life.

You will be encouraged in the renewing of your mind, movement of your body, and care for your soul. Imagine having a chaotic day and in the evening, you don’t eat your feelings or feel shame for the choices you made. What if you begin to respond with calm and peace versus react with anxiety, anger, or fear? Think of the good too – are you exhausted on the back end of a great family vacation? What if you learn thoughts and practices to transition well? These are just a few examples of how learning your individual pace of peace could transform your everyday living.

Through the highs and lows of life, we recognize we are not perfect people. However, we are being perfected by The One who is, Jesus Christ Himself. We will stop struggling and find our stride abiding in Christ.

My hope and prayer for those in this community is you feel safe, seen, loved, and encouraged to seek God first in ALL that you do. To discern and obey His voice with each choice through your day. May we be found ready for whatever comes next in mind, body, and soul.

Ready to join me?

Enrollment is open now through November 30th. Join HERE.

This is a re-occurring monthly membership community.