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Living a Lifestyle of Freedom found in Christ

Michelle Brumgard

Welcome to my virtual home. My name is Michelle Brumgard. I am an author, speaker, and certified Revelation Wellness instructor.

Please, have a seat at my table. I will be teaching from The Word of God, speaking inspired by The Holy Spirit, and obedient to my Heavenly Father. I offer you testimony of healing, wisdom from trials and training, and a gift of faith to believe big for you. We will renew our minds, learn how to fuel and move our bodies in love, and embrace our God-given identities.

You are made for hard things. You can overcome. You are loved and cherished. I will remind you of the TRUTH of who you are in Christ.

I pray that when you leave, that you are changed. Equipped and encouraged to shine Christ’s Light to this world, by being fully known and loved as a Child of God.

My Blog

Inspiration, resources, and encouragement for living free in Christ.
The Wellness Revelation Program

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